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We have been married 9 years, and have a great relationship in every way. Carol is about 30 years late, but looks younger, she has a fantastic shape and toned body is a shapely size 10, 5 '5 ' tall with long brown hair. He PERT, most beautiful breasts isharemybitch with large brown nipples standing proudly when aroused. I was isharemybitch always in the thought came, he went to another man, and isharemybitch tried in the past, and flirted, but nothing too serious has happened. in the last year , but finally accepted my suggestion that she brought in a personal ad, meet some eligible men and see what happened. she was very much on the thought of what might happen, and had awakened a wonderful talk about sex possabilities . spend much time sifting though the answers, but finally responded to the 3 or 4 of them. n the first date he told Tony, a white man and the final figure of 30 beautiful and looked like a clean cut and seriously, that only certain diseasesCrete fun. The night came to meet him and I saw her dressed in a low-cut dress flimsey not golden brown stockings on her legs and high heels. She wore a bra and matching panties in pastel- short, and then entered the dark, after a long kiss, I could feel the excitement was gone. Carol had arranged to meet him at a local pub. After about 2 hours, phoned to say he would not be home for a while. was obvious in her voice she was very nervous isharemybitch and excited. I could no longer hold, so I went to the bar, where they expect discreet. About 15 minutes later I saw him go into his car and followed them to a quiet secluded area, not too far and parked some distance from where they left off. I went back to them to stay in the shadows to avoid being seen. They were holding hands, talking to a walking distance from the car. isharemybitch I was very close, but could nothear what they said. Tony then went to Carol and kissed her deeply. isharemybitch She responded with enthusiasm, was one of the most erotic I've seen. He unbuttoned her dress to her waist and held only a few minutes of wearing decorative ribbon on it. They were still kissing, while isharemybitch unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground, her breasts are wonderful with her nipples as projectiles clearly seen in the moonlight, sat down to kiss, as she removed her panties and playing with her beautiful pussy cut with your fingers until it was hard. I could not take what I saw. Then he fell on his knees and his cock realeased pants, I could not see much, but later said it was quite large with a nice mushroom head. I saw his head was rocking back and forth, until Tony complained and wine in the mouth and all over her breasts. She continued to suck and lick until it is completely devoted. At this point I decided to leave, yet to be discovered, isharemybitch frommy point of view. I went home and waited. Carol came in about 15 minutes later hanbag bra and panties on her. Her nipples clearly, although the material was still wet flimsey with the juice of her breasts, her makeup smeared and had a big smile on your face right. ` I guess what I've done ` ` he said as he unbuttoned my dress for wonderful shiny breasts, the nipples remain. 'I see,' I replied that I took in my arms and we kissed. I caressed her breasts slipped on wet when it was heaven, her pussy was wet and she was more excited than I had ever seen 'I want to see me next week, that's fine ? `Of course, I said, since the two met. Carol has a number of men, since they met, and now Tony is full of sex with three of them, our lives have never been better. I turn to another of these events soon
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